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Turn to us at Calvary Services, LLC in Carthage, North Carolina, for reliable indoor air quality solutions. We go the extra mile in creating a safe environment in homes and commercial properties in Central North Carolina.

Caring for Your Health With Cleaning Air

In our more than 22 years of experience in the industry, we have seen developments in building products, cleaning products, and HVAC systems. However, not all changes are necessarily good, and these have led to new issues affecting indoor air quality.

With the right equipment and our extensive knowledge, our team can take care of your indoor air quality problems and make a positive difference in your property and health.

We do thorough inspections, consultations, and mold testing and removal. Our team also offers meth lab testing, lead testing, and soda blasting services for fire losses.

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Professionals You Can Trust

Our experts are ACAC-certified mold remediators and indoor environmental consultants. We also have IIRC certifications in Applied Structural Drying, Fire Restoration, and Commercial Drying.

No matter what air quality issue you’re experiencing, you can expect us to provide options to improve your air quality environment.

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